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Unimagnet, a primary acting and innovative company, leading in developing and manufacturing magnetic ferrite powder and flexible magnet products in China.

Highest quality, most competitive price as well as an extensive service offered competent and market compatible solutions in ferrite powder and flexible magnet field to customer.

The main element of the company‘s philosophy is: innovation and consequent high-end-orientation of the products, which is characterized by trust. ....More

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Magnetic powder material includes barium ferrite magnetic powder, strontium ferrite magnetic powder and rare earth magnetic powder, which was available since the early 1960's. The common ground of magnetic powder is based on iron oxide compound. In nearly half century, application area of magnetic powder has extended rapidly and already became the essential material of industry area. Following the center of magnetic powder's manufacturer has transfer from developed nations to developing nations, now, over 50% magnetic powder produced in China .