Magnetic powder:
Flexible magnets:

Quality Assurance

Strict quality control system, outstanding staff and advanced production equipment guarantee that we can steadily supply all kinds of high-quality magnetic products to buyers from all over the world. Each factory has already passed the quality certificate of ISO9001.

We seriously promise: All products that we offer must be examined strictly and flowed up with user's request. We will try to make our services accurate and timely.

How can we ensure the product’s quality?
1.With the helps of our outstanding supplier on raw materials and auxiliary materials.
2.Checking each batch raw materials and auxiliary materials before manufacturing.
3.Professional QC check and control on each  batch.
4.The procedure of isolating, degrading and recovering unqualified products.

Development and Research

Unimagnet magnetic material institute has established long-term technical cooperation with numbers of reputable colleges and scientific research institutes. Unimagnet has continually engaged in technology innovation and product developments, and transferred theoretical research findings into industrialization successfully. Benefits from those powerful talents and studious groups, Unimagnet always standing at the forefront of magnetic field and continually bringing new competitive products.